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Concepts of a sorts akaItrytohavepeopleOCs by KatAuroraMist Concepts of a sorts akaItrytohavepeopleOCs by KatAuroraMist
The other night, I had this dream, and this happened.

I can't draw people I need to sttttoooopppp

I may make this into a story if I can find out what's going on? I don't know if that makes any sense XD I have characters with personalities, but I'm not sure what an overall story would be about, cause I have no real plot. All I know for sure is that this a group of teenagers who have powers hehe~

Name: Phoenix is his nickname, real name unknown
Age: Body of a 14-15 year old, Actual Age is over 100
Ablility/Power: He can't die. You can kill him, but he will be reborn through flames, just the same as he was (This is also the reason for his nickname) Never ages either. Also doesn't feel the pain of death.
  Eyes- Gold/brown/orange (whatever you interpret them as)
  Hair- Blond
  Clothes- He normally wears his leather jacket, it's one of his favorite styles over the years through trends, and it makes him look cool. He normally wear dark blue jeans, since those are usually in style and won't make his stand out in a crowd. Likes sunglasses, but currently isn't wearing any.
Personality: He's very cocky because of his power, liking to taunt and play pranks on others. Basically, he's an immature asshole, but he isn't all that mean, or evil (thank goodness cause we would all be in trouble). And as much as he doesn't seem to show it, he has a soft spot for both Misty and Jade.
Backstory: A very long time ago, Phoenix was normal (well he's never been normal, it's probably better to say that he didn't have a supernatural power) and had a loving family. But after his untimely first death, his parents divorced. When Phoenix came back to being alive, he went to his mom (he didn't understand that he was died at first). She freaked out, calling him a ghost. Phoenix didn't understand, until he found the truth in a newspaper sitting on the table. He tried to convince his mom that he was alright, and not a ghost, but she completely went insane and killed his little sister after he was chased out of his house. When the police discovered her, they put her in a mental hospital where she died not too long later. Phoenix could not deal with it, and he left, far away from his home town, and changed his name to some other unknown name. Eventually, he recovered, knowing there was nothing that he could do, and went back to his normal self.
When he realized that he couldn't die and noticed the flames, he nicknamed himself "Phoenix"
He also like to keep current with the times, so he has a very large vocabulary. If it was a slang word in the US, he will most likely know it. He also knows some Spanish (He spent some time in Mexico and a few Central American countries). He is also very street smart.
Currently, he helped out Misty, and then Jade, who both have powers that make it hard to live a normal life (by society standards. Most people don't think a kid who can't die is something normal)

Name: Mildred (Misty) Johnson
Age: 16
Ability/Power: Death punch- literally. She can kill or heal with a single touch, yet this ability is very unstable
  Eyes- Deep Blue
  Hair- Dark auburn
  Markings- has a ton of freckles (they are hard to see it this, they should be more noticeable)
  Clothing Style- Her style is kind of a mixture of 60-70s hippie and modern emo. She wears a ton of flares, sometimes beady necklaces, oversized shirts, bright colors but she also likes dark clothing with stripes or complex designs. (Let her be her ok)
Personality: She is very shy around anyone but Phoenix (and Jade, but they aren't that close yet). She likes keeping a lot of things to herself. When she is very excited or angry, SHe IS VERY EXCITED OR ANGRY. When she's excited, its cool, but if she's angry, hide. She only gets really angry at Phoenix, or those trying to hurt her or her friends.
Backstory: Like I said, she keeps a lot to herself, so this isn't going to be much, because only Phoenix knows the stuff not on here (Why she trusted him with her deepest secrets, I have no idea). Basically, she has accidentally killed a few people she was close to, and accidentally revived a few of her worst enemies. Because of this, she doesn't like to be touch, or to touch others (Unless it's Phoenix, she has tried to kill him a few times -some for practice, other times cause she was pissed) She ran away, and ended up meeting up with Phoenix, who offered his company and help.
She hates Phoenix so much though XD Those too disagree way too often, but they won't leave each other I already ship them /shot

Name: Jade Jones
Age: 19
Ability/Power: She can see the future and the past. Most of her vision (at first) are random and only deal with death. If she focuses hard enough, she can see other things. Her eyes change colors when she receives a vision, or when she sees someone who will die soon.
  Eye- Normal are dark green, change to certain colors for certain things (still in development of what colors these are)
  Hair- Brown
  Clothing style- Mostly business-like. This would be her casual, and what she wears around with Phoenix and Misty. She's not into fashion, so let's just move on~
Personality: She can be annoyed fairly quickly (*cough*Phoenix*cough*) but she is overall a nice person. Sometimes, she may seem cold, but that's because she sometimes forgets that she doesn't have to be business like 24/7 She can be very compassionate and caring every other time. She is also kinda shy in the sense that she has nearly no friends (until she met up with Phoenix and Misty)
Backstory: She was brought up in a fairly wealthy family, but they were always cold to her, and wanted her to be a doctor like them. Of course, even though the job would be easy for her considering she's read every book her family owned (a lot of doctor books, lemme tell ya) and could go through medical school is a breeze, she didn't want to be a doctor. She honestly doesn't like blood (She won't faint or get completely grossed out, she just doesn't like it) and she would rather be a teacher. Long talk and much debates later, her parents agreed to pay for college for her to be a teacher, as long as she got her PhD in it. At the moment, she is in her third year of college (she skipped several grades cause she flipping a genius, and her parents were able to get her into college early) and was currently working as a Teacher's Assistant at an elementary school (This is basically what my dream was about beyond this point, only a few things were altered and others not included yet) One day, she suddenly has a vision of a girl falling down the stairs. She never had visions before, so she kinda just brushed it off. Phoenix and Misty who broke into the school following Jade (this would be explained if I'm writing a story on this) tried to get her to listen to her vision, but she didn't, resulting in a little girl falling down the stairs and breaking her neck.
She then follows Phoenix and Jade, and asks them what they know, and ends up joining forces with them.

The more I write about these guys, the more I fall in love with them <3

If you have any ideas, let me know cause I kinda want to write some stuff about these three eheheheh

I own everything

Have a Great Day/Night!:happybounce: 
SilverNightSong Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
They look really cool!! Love the disigns!
KatAuroraMist Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! :D I basically made them up on the spot and they turned out pretty good ^^
SilverNightSong Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
They definitely did! :D 
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